Where To Stay in London?

London is a great and developed city where many of us like to visit and stay. In today's article we are going to discuss about the best staying places in London. Keep reading to know more!

When it comes to London, the sightings and best places are all situated around different areas of the city. So, there is no specific place, instead you live keeping your budget and interests in mind. Most of the people in London prefer use of public transport or even walks for reaching destinations.

Let's check out the best places in London that you can live in:

1) Covent Garden : If you are visiting for the first time then my friend Covent Garden is the best place to situate yourself. The place is centrally located and has good theatre experience and good dining. If you check then you can see that the major attractions are not that far away from this place. The list includes London Eye, National Gallery, etc. To access other parts of the city, then you can easily do so by taking public transport.

2) Safest Areas: In London, there are quite some places where you can walk freely without any kind of worry at any time of the day. Some of these places are Mayfair Chelsea, etc. On the other hand, places like Fitzrovia and Bloomsbury are good but they apply certain precautions in night time. Finally, the above place which we discussed, Convent Garden is also quite good and safe but it may get a little active in weekend nights.

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